Customer Testimonials


Calhoun County Emergency Medical Services

Dear John & Judy,

On behalf of Calhoun County EMS, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your generous grant of medical equipment.

We strive very hard to always give our patients the level of emergency services they deserve and help like this makes it so much easier.

The donations and grants we receive, enhance the level of prehospital medical service we provide. We, along with all the citizens of Calhoun County want to sincerely thank you for your very generous grant. I hope someday you can see the tremendous impact this equipment will make on the lives of our patients. You are truly an integral part of our life-saving operations.

Once again, thank you so very much for your generosity in making these fine additions to our life-saving inventory.

J. Dustin Jenkins, DMIN, MBA, LP
Director of EMS
Calhoun County, TX

ManTech International Corporation

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I set up one of your Expeditionary Automotive Repair Center (EARC), for show and tell to the SOCOM J4 staff. They were fully impressed.

FYI……We are shipping three of these out to Western, Northern and Southwestern Afghanistan for Expeditionary Missions (as designed). We also have one as well as an EARC being sent to Kuwait for follow on missions to undisclosed locations.

These are HOT and the military are impressed with the concept, design and functionality of the units.

If I get some pics of them in their expeditionary mission locations, I will send to you for your “wall of fame”.

Pat Milton, PMP
Program Manager, SOCOM MRAP FOV

ManTech International Corporation
Mission Solutions and Services

Travis Air Force Base

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I'm the flight Comander for Travis ASF. We use your High Deck Patient Loading Platform (HDPLP) and are very pleased with the vehicle. We really appreciate the work that was done by your company. It has improved the ease of transport of our wounded warriors. So, know the work you do has affected numerous lives for the better. Thank You,

- Capt Gary Higgins Flt Cmdr 60th
ASF Travis AFB

ManTech International Corporation

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I wanted to pass on something to you and your team. I briefed our customer and the Marine unit in one of the locations out here who has an Expeditionary Repair Center in place and operational. They are extremely pleased with the capability and the product. They were fully impressed with what you and your team did in regards to design and features. The Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer Three is going to get his Marines up with our employees and utilize the ERC as intended and also keep up their weld skills.

We put two others in place this week, one with the Navy Seals and one with another Army Special Forces team and everyone thus far is very happy with the capability. I will be pushing for more pictures of these in operation and action for your website. In fact, one of the guys from the MTRC (users of your Mobile Parts Hospital) came over to our guys in the West and were a bit jealous of the unit.

Thanks again for your incredible work on this. Looking forward to getting the next capability into the fight.

Patrick Milton
ManTech International Corporation

United States Department of Agriculture

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It turned out to be a pretty nice looking unit. Big. . .but nice looking none-the-less. I would like to thank you, Dick, and the employees of Clegg Industries, for their dedication and hard work on such a challenging project. From the feedback I have received so far, It sounds like Clegg Industries not only delivered a quality mobile greenhouse/laboratory, they also delivered it on schedule. We appreciate that. Thanks for a job well done.

- Bob Crowther, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, United States Department of Agriculture


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Space Shuttle Command Center

The MSV CDR board was excellent and showed just how well all the various sub teams and contractors had coordinated with each other. It was very obvious that everyone had a very good grasp on their responsible systems. Thanks for all the hard work and coordination by all the teams involved. This was a benchmark example of how designs should occur. Enjoy your holiday season, because everyone certainly should feel like they have been part of a major accomplishment. Merry Christmas to you all and may God bless you during the holiday season!

- David L. Adcock, KSC Support Equipment ISS IPT Lead, NASA / YA-E2 
Spaceport Engineering & Technology Directorate



" 'Good Work' was the concluding comment made by the (Army) Technical Representative, Chip Filar, as he took custody of the original disc following review of the Lathe Module Set Up / Pack Up Video" at Anniston Army Depot.

"… thanks on to Chris and Brad for their constant technical insight and doggedness." This was "crucial in getting the production completed on site in Anniston and for the Heat Diverter footage at Clegg Industries."

"Thank you (Clegg Industries) for your attention to detail. It is apparent in every video frame and virtually every word uttered by the Voice Over talent."

Quotes by Bruce O'neill, Focus-Hope Program Manager

Hanford Fire Department


I pulled and operated the SCBA Training Simulator Trailer while we had it on the road. We think we had 10,000 plus Firefighters, Police, Prison Guards, municipal workers and guest through it. The interior held up and we never ran out of ideas on how to confuse people. Almost caused a fist fight with 77's from Chicago when they couldn't find the victim. A Batt chief stepped in and told them where they went wrong and then got invited to their station for dinner. I pulled it through 22 states. Showed it off to Congress in Washington D.C. Money ran out for touring but it was a great 5 years while we had it on the road. Today it is training firefighters in the yakimo Valley. Anyway it was a great build and did the job.

- Lynn

U.S Department Of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Marine Fisheries Service


John Deere

“The Loadcar was evaluated for dynamic response to actual load histories and maintained accurate tracking to less than 1% variance over the range of 700hp combined absorption. We have used the Loadcar over the course of the last four years without a single design or manufacturing problem. We are extremely pleased with the product delivered by Clegg Industries and for their commitment in delivering to our schedule, cost and performance constraints.”
Mark Freudenberg - Engineering Manager, John Deere"