Quality Specialty Structures are our Specialty

Clegg Industries has an extensive history of designing and manufacturing some of the most innovative, durable and secure specialty structures all over the world. Whether you need remote military structures built to survive in conflict areas or rugged oilfield housing in some of the harshest environments in the world, we can design, manufacture and deliver the right specialty structure to meet your specific needs.

Our innovative design services can serve just about any challenge and operational requirement you face – including custom structures for on-site laboratories, man camps, surveillance buildings, drug enforcement, operational support units, command control, administrative buildings and more. The applications are endless – and so are our designs. We can help you design and build custom steel buildings, metal buildings, storage buildings, portable buildings and offices, modular buildings, customized prefabricated buildings, medical laboratory buildings and much more.

No matter where you need us, Clegg Industries can help you with the right specialty structure to meet your specific needs. We have specialized trucks and trailers to transport these buildings and special structures anywhere in the world.

To learn how Clegg Industries can help design, fabricate or deliver a custom specialty structure for any application, contact us today.