Job #213: USDA/APHIS Mobile Greenhouse Containment Laboratory Trailer


This all aluminum greenhouse trailer is a 49' L x 102" W x 10' H, triple axle gooseneck designed for field research in the citrus industry. It is a bio-containment facility for invasive pests and diseases and features sloped floors, under floor isolated drains, a plumbing system with thermostatic mixing valves, solenoid operated valves, water demineralizer and hot water heater.

The main electrical system on this greenhouse trailer is shore-powered with an automatic cable retraction system, backed up by a 25kW genset. Air conditioning consists of two 5 ton Bard HVAC wall units and a rooftop unit.

The greenhouse trailer was delivered, on schedule, to the USDA at Mission Air Base, Edinburg, Texas in April 2004.

Features include:

  • Designed, engineered and built from customer specifications
  • Hydraulic leveling system and manual landing gear
  • Electronic Water Valve System
  • Multiple, large HVAC systems
  • Shore power electrical system with diesel genset back-up
  • All aluminum cabinetry with stainless steel worktops
  • Unique wall and ceiling polycarbonate panels set in custom extrusions