Job #468: Minnesota Air National Guard, Contingency Response Flight Command and Control Trailer


Clegg Industries manufactured five Command and Control Trailers for ANG Contingency Response Flights. Each trailer meets C130 load limitations, and complies with Air Transport ability Test Loading Activity (ATTLA) criteria.

Features Include:

  • Electric tongue jack and separate manual crank jack back-up system
  • Roll out awning
  • Two window A/C units and two baseboard heaters
  • Full extensive electrical system (shore power), provided with MIL-C-22992 60 amp, 3 phase external power connector mounted on the front, curb side of the trailer and much more
  • Battery backup system provides over four hours of power when generator is not available
  • Equipped with a radio frequency (RF) bulkhead connector pass-through panel
  • All metal components of the trailer are electrically bonded to the frame of the trailer providing lightning protection
  • Electrical wall outlets provide USB capabilities
  • Interior LED lighting is switchable between white, red, and green Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible light. Zone style lighting controlled by dimmer switches
  • Exterior LED lighting is switchable between white and infrared light and are controlled by dimmer switches. Provides 360 degrees of illumination and independently controlled for spot specific lighting requirements
  • Multiple heavy duty forged tie down rings along exterior of trailer for aircraft transport
  • Multiple interior style tie downs for stowing cargo
  • Removable roof access ladder
  • Non-slip roof coating
  • Fold-able work surface counter top for towing or movement
  • Dry-erase marker coating on all interior walls
  • Rear cargo ramp