Job #405: MOOG, S-280 Type Electronic Shelters


Clegg Industries customized and manufactured (6) electronic shelters for MOOG. This commercial version of the military S-280 shelter meets the form, fit and function at an affordable price.

Electronic Shelter Features include:

All aluminum construction, Insulation, Entry door, Skids, Lifting and tie down eyes, Painted orange and white exterior, Painted light green walls, Painted white ceiling, Painted ocean gray floor, Air conditioners and cutouts installed 24,000 BTU, Exhaust fan with cut out, Inlet air cutout and fold-able hood with screen, Tapping plate power egress panel, Tapping plate signal egress panel, Tapping plates breaker panel, Tapping plate equipment rack lower, Tapping plate equipment rack upper, (8) Optima Yellow top batteries and (2) aluminum battery boxes, Structural Member identification, Sealing, Undercoating, Floor drain, Fluorescent lights, Cable Raceway, Relay, DPDT two each, one for controlling each air conditioner, Surge arrester, Primary Power Filter, AC timer relay and socket A/C outlet European Schuko CEE 7/4 Type F, And much more.