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Mobile Electronics Truck for US Army - Fort Bliss

Mobile Electronics Truck

This Mobile Electronics Truck was manufactured for the US Army - Fort Bliss. It has all wheel drive, and two A/C and heating units. It features an electronics rack, big diesel generator, hydraulic freight lift, computer floor, large pneumatic antenna, all aluminum construction, hydraulic stabilizer jacks, and is completely shielded for electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Clegg Industries, Inc. Job # 125

Mobile Electronics Truck for US Army - Fort Bliss

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Inside of Mobile Electronics Truck
Inside of Mobile Electronic Truck
Diesel Generator
Diesel generator/work platform with electric reels and pneumatic antenna

All custom cabinets and interior work
by Clegg's skilled craftsmen.

View of rear of vehicle, showing electronic racks and other components.
Hydraulic Stabilizer Jacks
Hydraulic Stabilizer Jacks
Hydraulic Cargo Lift
Hydraulic Cargo Lift

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