L3 / Randtron
Antenna Transport Trailer

Clegg Industries customized this 53 ft. drop trailer to house and transport a TRAC-A Rotodome AEW Surveillance Radar Antenna. This highly efficient rotodome antenna is mounted on top of the carrier based E-2C Hawkeye aircraft, providing fleet protection for the United States Navy. The US Coast Guard and the US Customs Service have adapted the capabilities of this reliable antenna for use in anti narcotics smuggling operations mounted on P-3 Orions. This antenna is also in use by the governments of Japan, Egypt, France, Taiwan, and Singapore. For more information on this antenna visit the Randtron Antenna Systems website at: http://www.l3com.com/randtron/endfarry.htm

Features of trailer:


Hydraulics actuated by twenty five


foot long pendant cord for viewing



12 ft x 22 ft custom built fold down


wall / trailer side hydraulic door

Electronic hydraulic self leveling



Hydraulics may be operated at 110


volts or 12 volts

Secondary access door

Precision contoured light weight


welded aluminum antenna storage



Folding aluminum wheeled carts


for cradles

Work bench and tool boxes at rear



Storage of antenna using removal


rail arrangement

Door apparatus is used to move


secondary antenna parts into and out


of trailer

Lifting beams can be dismantled and


stored in rear of trailer

Clegg Industries Job # 227

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