Clegg Industries manufactures military shelters for Neany, Inc. which house ground control systems used for UAS command and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), drug enforcement, mapping and change detection, and remote operations. These shelters are deployed to harsh environments throughout the world.

Special Structures

This section of the website includes items such as custom built steel buildings, metal buildings, storage buildings, portable buildings and offices, modular buildings, customized prefabricated buildings, medical laboratory buildings and much more.

Clegg Industries is a designer and manufacturer of specialized buildings and structures that can be used as laboratories or other special purposes. These special structures can be built out of wood or metal.

Clegg Industries has specialized trucks and trailers to transport these buildings and special structures anywhere.

The product links below are not in stock. These special structures represent past custom jobs for specific customers and are on this website for examples of what we can build for you.

Contact Clegg Industries today for a quotation on your next special structure.

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Special Structure Jobs

special structures

Clegg Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty vehicles, trailers and special structures for defense and industry
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