Command Centers for Incident Response
in the Mobile Environment

Mobile Command Centers, as Clegg Industries designs and builds them, are organized
to facilitate the command and control functions of exercising authority over assigned
and attached organizations supporting a particular response to a variety of incidents.
Our vehicles are structured such that all personnel, resources, intelligence, equipment,
and communications are simultaneously being utilized in an aligned and synchronized

The physical layout of the command centers we have built allow for simultaneous
command/control/communications management of current operations and the planning
of future operations that focus on the next 24 - 48 hours and beyond. Our briefing
centers, augmented with monitors, network connections, computers, communications
equipment, and administrative support equipment, provide the facilities for conducting
updates to higher headquarters, other first responder leadership and, as required, the
media. Even the inclusion of a restroom and break area is significant in that it allows for
dedicated 24/7 operations with few inconveniences to the normal physiological needs of
staff personnel.

In order to provide the maximum flexibility in mission accomplishment we utilized the
principle of scalability when designing and building vehicles for a current client; the
Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. By having multiple vehicles, leadership can deploy the
vehicles simultaneously or separately…depending on the nature and level of response

This equipment provides the ability to rapidly emplace a command, control,
communications capability when and where needed either via road or via airlift. This is
especially important in remote locations that are not normally supported or tied into first
responder networks. This command center becomes the “on-site” knowledge
management center. It gives them the ability to align and synchronize the priorities of
effort for all the assigned and attached organizations supporting the operation.

These command centers provide the capability to put a first responder information
gathering and dissemination activity in the area where the information is being
generated. In a crisis-management scenario, first responders need the benefit of timely
and accurate data that is being collected, analyzed, and refined into “intelligence” as
close to the site as possible. This gives the first responders a “common operating
picture” from which to plan and implement their response.

Some Functional Applications of Mobile Command Centers

I. Incident Command & Control (C2)On scene operations for Police activities, Military
activities, other government agency activities; assure situational awareness

Back-up for fixed site operations for police activities, military
activities, other government agency activities

Hazmat operations for local and regional incidents

Force deployment, monitoring and reporting functions

Examples: Natural disaster response management; earthquake, wild fire, tornado, typhoon,
flood, et al

Man-made disaster response management; explosion, power failure, major
construction accidents, major rail or port accidents, et al

Humanitarian and disaster relief support

Civil population management; support for regional populations displaced by natural
disasters, athletic functions (Olympics, etc.), political gatherings, et al

Military responses; routine operations, special operations, joint service operations,
anti-terrorist operations

II. Communications Coordination CenterOn scene operations for Police activities, Military
activities, other government agency activities

Back up for fixed site operations for police activities,
military activities, other government agency activities

High data rate tactical communications

Robust, secure & seamless mission communications

Examples: Command liaison network for any of the above functions; national to/from regional
to/from local; SatCom communications network
Redundant communications network for critical police, military or civil missions
Evacuation planning and implementation for civilian populations

III. Integrated Command, Control & Communications (C3) –
On scene operations for Police activities, Military activities, other government agency activities

Back-up for fixed site operations for police activities, military activities, other government agency activities

Tactical networking for police missions

Interoperability of Joint Police, Military & Multi-national systems

Examples: Mobile emergency police/military/civil operations centers,
Integrated real-time support to decision-makers on and off site,
Search and rescue operations,
Smuggling and drug interdiction,
Economic exclusion zone protection,
Vehicle and vessel traffic management,
Disaster alert and response operations,
Back-up transportation operations management,
Any combination from I and II above.

Typical Clegg Industries, Inc. Command Support Projects

Victoria County, Texas Sheriff’s Office Mobile Command Response Vehicle.

Public Safety Mobile Command Center; Dorchester County, SC

City of Ennis, Texas Fire Command Center

City of Victoria, Texas Multi-Agency Support Command Center

Mobile Satellite Tracking Command Center

Victoria County Sheriff Command Center Trailer

This trailer was converted from a damaged used trailer. Clegg Industries repaired the damages and added framing, insulation and wiring for the various interior rooms and work areas. An HVAC system with duct work and a dropped ceiling was installed. Clegg removed the existing rear double doors and added a single high grade rear door as well as a side entry personnel door. Openings were cut into the structure for windows and a new 14' slide-out that Clegg Industries installed to provide extra work space. The original floor was refinished and insulated dividing walls built. Custom belly boxes were designed, fabricated and installed by Clegg Industries’ highly skilled shop technicians. A glass partition wall was built to divide the work area from the main conference room. A restroom with an electric waste disposal system and a galley separate the main conference room and the rear meeting room. This was included to meet the physiological needs of staff personnel potentially on duty 24/7. Quiet carpet and fiber reinforced plastic cover the walls throughout the trailer. All cabinetry, benches, desks and conference tables were custom fabricated by Clegg. Youtube Video

Public Safety Mobile Command Center / Post
Dorchester County, SC

A 31' L x 102" W bumper-pull trailer with 3@7000# axles; GVWR = 23,500 #. The trailer is configured with a Command Center Communications Room, Command/Conference area, Galley, Lavatory, Electronics Center and Observation Deck. Command Post is wired for Cat V voice/data systems.



28 ft long

(2) doors


15 K.W. Diesel Gen Set

Roof top A.C. / Heat

(3) propane furnances

Custom cabinets

(3) 7K axles with brakes

Roof platform

Flood lights

Awnings on both sides

Emergency lights

12 volt and 110 volt electrical system



White boards

Outside 110 volt receptables

Outside 12 volt receptables

CAT 5 data cable

Data ports throughout

Cable trays

Rear storage box

File cabinets

Spare tire and rack

P.A. system

command centers

command center interior

command center interior

Ennis, Texas Fire Department
Command Center

18 foot Supreme Big EZ Aluminum Body on a Sterling chassis; Mercedes Benz engine & transmission.



2 Communication Stations; VHF & UHF radios

Conference Area, Galley & Restroom

Wired For Cat V data, phone & 12V power

Genset and shore power

Auto eject plug & auto transfer switch

220V, 110V & 12V power distribution systems

Rooftop HVAC

16 foot Hydraulic-raise laydown radio antenna

Two 10 foot Kwik-Raze telescoping mast

Dual antenna rails

Rear step bumper with stow away stairs

Map storage

City of Victoria, Texas, USA
Command Center

This multi agency support vechicle/command center includes these features:


Custom cabinets

Special electrical system

Gasoline generator

Winnebago Body

Telephone system




Telephone system

Fax machine


Aluminum steps

Telescopic mast

Mobile Satellite Tracking
Command Center

The Mobile Satellite Tracking Command Center is heavily insulated for deployment in Siberia via air transport. It has two diesel generators to achieve 100% redundancy and two complete A/C and heat units for 100% redundancy. Towing truck has special elevating hitch which enables unit to maneuver the loading ramp of a C130 cargo plane.

Some of its features include:


Air Ride Suspension

All Aluminum Construction

Air Transportable

Hydraulic Folding Antenna Pedestal

Computer Floor

Built-in Electronic Racks

Rear Suspension can be lowered

Built for extreme cold weather operations


Conceptual Layouts for Clegg Industries, Inc. Command Support Projects
Note: Conceptual Layouts Can Be Applied to Most Types of Vehicles

Medium Size Command/Communication Center



Medium Size Command Center



Large Size Command Center


Small Size Command Center


Small Size Command Center

Mobile Command Centers - Suggested Equipment & Systems

Mobile Command/Communications Center
(Items and quantities are mission specific)





Mercedes Benz/Freightliner Chassis (customer specified vehicle or trailer)               



Mercedes Benz engine & transmission



Power Brakes



Power Steering



Cab Air Conditioner



Stereo Radio



Body - 28' L X 102' W X 90' H (interior)                    (customer specified size)



Hardwood Flooring; stained & sealed



2 @ Entrances; side and rear



Step Bumper



Rear ladder to roof



2 - 30" W x 18" H Windows at Back End, Passenger side



Full Cab Cutout Pass Through



2-Halogen spotlights; 110V



Underbody storage Boxes



Genset; electric start ;                           (customer specified power and Hertz)



Genset Custom Enclosure



Shore Power Cable (30 amps)



Auto-Eject plug on Driver side



Auto Transfer Switch



Power Distr Panel - 100 amp, 16 breaker slots



Battery and Cables



30 amp Converter/Charger



Emergency Light Bar across Cab              



Siren/Public Address System



Surface Mount LEDs, Red w/ Red Lens w/built in 12V flashers



Amber & Red LEDs w/ Clear Lens



LED Rear-Mounted Light Package w/Cast 4 Housing for vertical mounting (backup light package)



Kemply Walls and Ceiling (Fiber Reinforced Plastic over wood) with 2" R-13 insulation Insulation in walls and ceiling



20' of Worktop with Cabinets Below



5' Workstation module; worktop over file cabinet base & support base



5' Overhead Cabinet module (all doors w/travel latches)



Under Cabinet (Over worktop), 2-lamp fluorescent fixtures, 20 W, F20T12  w/switch



Leather Executive Chairs



HVAC - 3 to 5 Ton w/ heat strip                                     (sized for heat load)



Duplex Receptacles + 2 covered GFI outside



48" two lamp fluorescent fixtures



12 Volt lights



12V power points (plug in)



Data jacks; Cat V



Phone Jacks



Wire Chase



Desktop PCs



LCD Monitors



Laser printers



21' Awning across Passenger Side



Kwik Raze Series 1100 Telescoping Mast w/Mount



32' pneumatic tower with integrated compressor;  150 lb payload capacity



HF Mobile radio



HF Antenna installed and wired



GSM cellular phone system



Tetra Radio System


2 or 3

Mobile Radios,  UHF (403-470 MHZ), 1-25W, 255 chan                                          (customer specified quantity, frequency and power)


2 or 3

UHF Antennas installed and wired to desktop



Mobile Radios, SEL 5, VHF (136-174 MHZ), 1-25W, 255 chan                                          (customer specified quantity, frequency and power)


3 to 5

VHF antennas installed & wired to desktop


3 to 5

Satellite Communications system                                    (customer specified)



Satellite phone system                                                     (customer specified)



Satellite Communications Support/Commisioning/Training package



BGAN portable satellite communications


2 or 3

EIA electronics racks; 19" standard, 40 RMU high x 30" deep


2 to 3

Flat Panel TV screen


1 to 3

Backup alarm and camera



CCTV camera



Weather Station



Misc.detectors, fire extinguishers, antenna



Command Center Infrastructure Training at Clegg facility - after acceptance at Clegg facility - 2 days



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