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All steel exterior structure, 14' x 48' with 3- each 12" skid beams and outriggers, 3/16" plate on floor, walls and roof. Sand blast, prime & paint structure including skid and underside of house.

Floor installation is done with W' foam board, ceiling with R-13, 26" wide & walls with R-13, 15" wide.
Floor framing has 2" x 4" and %" plywood tongue and groove. Walls and ceiling have 2" x 4" yellow pine.
The finish work for the ceiling is done with 5/32" x 4" x 8" white cabinet liner. The walls are finished with paneling and commercial tile flooring.

Four (4) - ton, climate control solution unit Heat & air duct work installed in ceiling.

Electric stove with hood vented to outside.
Microwave Refrigerator Combination washer/dryer (installed in bathroom).
Hot water heater, 30-gal.
Water Cooler Flat screen 32" TV with shelves for TV and satellite HOUSE FURNISHING:
Master bedroom, with one (1) queen size bed with reading lights and shelf. Has two (2) closets and built in clothing storage. Master bedroom size: 14" x 9"_6".
Florescent lighting system with seven (7) lights.
Front office has desk with two (2) legal file cabinets with two (2) drawers with book storage and on the other side of the room- closet and parts storage area. Size: 14" x 8".
Middle office has desk with two (2) legal file cabinets, two (2) drawers, with pencil and keyboard drawers. Custom made cabinet for drilling instrumentation equipment. Lunch counter. Kitchen and middle office combination site: 14'X 19'_4" Custom made kitchen cabinets with double sink and counter top space.
Full size sofa Four smoke alarms and fire extinguisher Diamond plate installed at each entrance door: with door closures and outside dust to dawn lights at each door.
Bathrooms with 48" shower with curtain rod and curtains. Custom made vanity with sink and medicine cabinet and commode. Bathroom size: 14' x 11' Toilet has exhaust fan vented to outside

Two (2) double installed windows 46" x 27" with v-blinds and 24" exit door in bedroom.
Two (2) 36" metal entrance doors with door closure and dust to dawn lights.
All plumbing installed inside of house except water inlet and sewer discharge lines.

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